"Cranio for Everybody"

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) focuses on the body’s craniosacral system which is made up of the cerebrospinal fluid and fascial membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord and their connection with every structure in the body. Through gentle, non-invasive touch a practitioner releases craniosacral and fascial restrictions to improve the overall functioning of the central nervous system.
In order for the brain to help the body function optimally, it needs the maximum space possible to do its work. CST creates more space for the brain to function, allowing physical and emotional challenges to be dealt with and resolved more easily. CST is very effective for addressing a wide range of medical conditions and emotional difficulties.
Members of the general public can study Craniosacral Therapy with no previous bodywork experience. This program is also excellent for professional bodyworkers, including Massage Therapists, Polarity Therapists, Rolfing practitioners, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Doctors, and Chiropractors. There is no application necessary for this program.
The first four classes form the foundation from which to build a strong understanding and ability to apply CS techniques and concepts. The classes include Basic Class, Follow-up to Basic Class: Unwinding Meridians Rhythms, Sphenoid Studies and Intelligence and Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love. Once these four classes have been completed, students may take the remaining courses as time, resources and capability allow. Please note that there are courses that require permission from Etienne. This simply ensures that each student is ready for the content and will get the full import of the class.​



Etienne Peirsman is a biology and physical education teacher who has been involved with emotional training, encounter work, primal healing and meditation since 1974. He began teaching craniosacral (CS) in 1991, and founded several CS institutes in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is the founder and director of PCSA (Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy) in the Netherlands. He is also the originator of the Cranio Sacral Professional Organization in Holland which began as a result of his students becoming professionals. As a result, he has a grandfather status in that organization and is an honorary member of The Dutch Cranio Sacral Practitioner Association (NCSV). Additionally, he taught CS at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts for nearly a decade. 
As a meditator of over 40 years, Etienne Peirsman has developed a unique teaching style over the past two decades that adds an extraordinarily compassionate and meditative depth to the methods used by the Upledger Institute and combines a practical, no-nonsense approach with the biodynamic style. Etienne has been teaching for over twenty-three years, bringing his life experience to the classroom. He has schools in Belgium and the Netherlands and teaches in North America in New Mexico and Washington, and Hong Kong. Additionally, he guest teaches wherever there is interest. He, along with his late wife Neeto, is author of the book Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children, which has been translated into 7 languages.
His specialty is the expression of the Heart, the long tide, and their connection to meditation and enlightenment. He has said “Drop the word therapy. It is not part of who and what we are. Face it, you are perfect and your heart is perfect”.









Tina Vervaeke taught the first 4 classes at Etienne’s schools in Belgium and Holland for over 10 years. She currently teaches Systemic Family Constellations in her hometown of Gent, Belgium.
The essence of her work is to guide people toward more awareness about their emotions, relationships and patterns. From this insight there can be healing. She guides them to practice “consciousness fitness”, with simplicity and respect for what is. Less is more is the attitude she works from. Through the systemic “perception”, the broader picture is shown and what lies in the unconscious is brought to light. This goes straight to the heart of the problem, with respect for the resistance. "I connect with the solution and not with the problem."
Education:  Tina graduated from the Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy in 2004. In 2008, she graduated from the Hellinger Institute as a supervisor of systemic work and family constellations. 










Wilko Ledema works as Rebalancer and Counselor. He has been one of the main teachers at the Dutch Rebalancing School for Bodywork & Meditation since 1995. Since 2017 he has the role of senior guest- teacher. Wilko is active as a guest- teacher as well at the Peirsman CranioSacral Academy in Holland since 2011 where he presents the Psoas Release 1 & 2 modules. 
One of his specialties is working with anger and fear, in which he offers yearly short and effective intensives for over 15 years.
With great passion and motivation he also shares his love and over 30 years of experience for working with awareness through the body in his private practice SAMO in Amstelveen, Holland.
Wilko has been trained in Rebalancing, Osho Counseling, Rebirthing, Primal Therapy, Arun Conscious Touch, Arun Thai Healing Bodywork, The School for the Work of Byron Katie.


Psoas Release


Family Constellations


Ellen Santistevan

Ethics, Art, and Business

Ellen Santistevan is a CranioSacral and intuitive bodywork therapist who draws on traditional medicine practices to guide her clients and students on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing pathways. She comes from a science-based background and has a master's degree in Geology. She went through the first half of life with no understanding or appreciation for energy (besides the physics definition), Universal Love, Spirit, empathic senses, guides, or even the importance of human touch. In her 40s, she had some interesting experiences which began to open her up to the idea that there was more than "just this". She then attended massage school and went directly into studying Polarity Therapy and continued to study CranioSacral therapy from a variety of sources, eventually ending up in Etienne's Peirsman's classes. To go into midline is to experience peace... to experience your own soul...


Ellen also performs traditional limpias in the curandera tradition. Traditional healing practices derive their power the most from the human connection between client and practitioner, the sense that we are all on the same journey from birth to death. A limpia is a way to help you identify and cut energetic ties to things, situations, and relationships that no longer serve you. It may help you embark on your path of learning feeling energetically freer.


Her partner, David Blecha is an art teacher who strongly believes in the power of “making marks on paper” to open a person, not only to their inner energetic being, but also to the power and beauty of the natural world, as well as facilitating a spiritual connection. Together they believe in the power of art and bodywork as a spiritual path. Together, they teach "Cranio and Creative Facilitation".