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Psoas Release

Wilko Ledema works as a Rebalancer and Counselor. He has been one of the main teachers at the Dutch Rebalancing School for Bodywork & Meditation since 1995. Wilko is active as a guest- teacher at the Peirsman CranioSacral Academy in Holland since 2011, where he presents the Psoas Release 1 & 2 modules. One of his specialties is working with anger and fear, in which he offers yearly short and effective intensives for over 15 years.

With great passion and motivation he also shares his love and over 30 years of experience for working with awareness through the body in his private practice SAMO in Amstelveen, Holland.
Wilko has been trained in Rebalancing, Osho Counseling, Rebirthing, Primal Therapy, Arun Conscious Touch, Arun Thai Healing Bodywork, The School for the Work of Byron Katie.


Psoas and Fascial Release I (32 Hours)
The psoas is a muscle situated deep within the abdomen that can be viewed as the core of the physical body. This muscle influences many aspects of both physical wellbeing as well as the fundamental sense of Being. It is crucially important in supporting balance and ‘centering’ (coming home in yourself), movement and coordination, and also for posture and joint rotation. It is the only muscle that connects lumbar vertebra with the legs and the diaphragm.

The psoas serves as a highly sensitive mirror and radar for the deepest feelings, reactions and emotions. When affected, the psoas tells the real story of what is happening, far from what eye sees. Moreover, the psoas is at the heart of the area when fear, hurt and trauma are packaged up and hidden away. It is the muscle that makes you fight, flight, freeze or respond.
In this module, you will learn how to work with various dynamic and static deep-touch techniques, client-oriented exercises that bring awareness into the psoas so as to strengthen the muscle and help it release its emotional charge. You will learn to make deep contact by conscious touch; respectful entrainment; space for feelings and emotions; the importance of breathing; listening with heart and soul; unconditional acceptance… all of which create the fundamental conditions for profound and vital presence and relaxation.
Psoas and Fascial Release II (32 Hours)
When you are relaxed, your mind is calm and your body is loose and flexible, your vital life-force (Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana) flows freely.
This follow-up module of Psoas Release focusses on the broad energetic context of the hara. Together, the psoas and the hara constitute the key area of your life energy, as well as being the gravitational center of the body and the axis of movement, coordination and mobility.
Moreover, this section of the body is a treasure trove of hidden feelings and suppressed emotions. This is where a whole complex of unexpressed emotions gets stored: old childhood traumas, repressed feelings involving sexuality, anger, high sensitivity, daring to be yourself and express your own truth, the ability to enjoy… and on top of all such buried energy there’s a heavy layer of associated fear.

In this module, you will learn to work with innovative hands-on techniques of bodywork, such as dynamic and static deep (muscle) tissue work, stretches and rotations. You will receive valuable insights into and experience directly the profound ways in which breathing influences, opens up and connects the four crucial areas of body, mind, feelings and, spirit.
Individual Sessions

Wilko is happy to provide one-on-one sessions in between classes Blue Desert. 
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