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with Tina Vervaeke
My belief is in the flesh and blood as being wiser than the intellect. The body-consciousness is where life bubbles up in us. It is how we know that we are alive, alive to the depths of our souls and in touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos.
-DH Lawrence
We are all born into a certain family system. Whether it is the traditional family or an institution that takes care of the growing baby or youngster, we are always born from a father and a mother who are themselves born in a certain system. There are also grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts with whom we are linked. Even continents and countries of origin are linked to us and also the belief system in which we were born.
Sometimes we may unconsciously wear, follow or even live the lives of someone else in our family system. We often experience this as limiting to the life that unfolds before us. We often encounter the same issues and wonder why these themes are repeated in our lives. These can be relational or professional problems, but also emotions can be experienced as not belonging to us, although they are clearly present.

Family Constellations is a powerful method to help you recognize difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship. Solution-oriented interventions bring understanding, which is followed by a deep relaxation that allows love to flow again between members of the family system. The systemic view focuses on the causes and needs behind the symptoms (rather than on the symptoms themselves). Systemic interventions primarily focus on clarifying what is happening, so that people in the system can contribute to the system's vitality in their own way. Everyone can contribute to the (sub) system from their own place and position, sometimes by looking in a different way, sometimes through targeted, necessary interventions. 
In one-on-one sessions, different tools (such as dolls or floor anchors) are used to represent people, places, and ideas. This can also be guided in the imagination. In group session, other participants are asked to be representatives.  
Because the constellation is viewed from a distance - as if we are looking at a stage and watching a play - insights about certain dynamics and entanglements in the family system can be revealed. This leads to clarity for the client and it is possible to work without judgment to uncover what is limiting the client and preventing them from being fully present. This information can then be transformed into coming fully into one's own strength, and becoming fully alive.
About Tina
The essence of Tina's work facilitates more awareness about emotions, relationships and patterns. From this insight there can be healing. She promotes the practice of "consciousness fitness", with simplicity and respect for what is. Less is more is the attitude from which she works.

Through the systemic "perception", the broader picture is shown and what lies in the unconscious is brought to light. This goes straight to the heart of the problem, with respect for the resistance.
"I connect with the solution and not with the problem."
A native of Belgium, Tina graduated from the Peirsman CranioSacral Academy in the Netherlands in 2004. She then taught CranioSacral for a decade at the PCSA schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. 
In 2008, she graduated from the Hellinger Institute as a supervisor of systemic work and family constellations. There she also trained as an organizational draftsman in the corporate field.
In addition, she has an active private practice and has further combined her love of CranioSacral and Family Constellations into a hybrid class.   
Family Constellations Classes And Sessions
Systemic Family Constellations I (32 CEU Hours)
Family Constellations is a powerful method to help recognize difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship. We will learn the basic dynamics of family constellations from a systemic view, which focuses on the causes and needs behind the symptoms (rather than on the symptoms themselves). We will also learn to facilitate a constellation during a CranioSacral session. No pre-requisites required. 
Systemic Family Constellations II (32 CEU Hours)
We will further learn about the systemic dynamics and how to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ in a systemic, phenomenological way. There will be exercises in small groups to train in this interesting way of observing. We will also facilitate a constellation during a CranioSacral session, with extra attention on how to formulate the questions, and how to guide the session from a systemic approach. 
Individual Sessions
Tina is happy to provide one-on-one sessions in between classes Blue Desert. 
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