Our Mission
The creation of holistic, hybrid CranioSacral Therapy programs for Everybody, including youth, ages 8-18.
horses and cranio classes
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A hybrid program of Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somatic Awareness through Horses, taught by Holly Chapman and Lynne Whitbeck. We offer two classes, one for children and one for adults. Please see New Mexico for upcoming classes.    

Lynne Whitbeck is a horsewoman, organic farmer, environmental educator, and backcountry guide. She is a lifelong horse enthusiast, but the journey really started 7 years ago when she got her first horse. Since then, she has been working at the challenging and rewarding task of interspecies communication. Lynne has studied natural horsemanship, liberty horsemanship, somatics and horses, Equine Guided Education, energy medicine, and body work, all of which inform her work with horses and people. 

Exploration of Somatic Awareness through horses and Cranio


Come together with horses and people to explore connection, healing, and the energy of relationships. Our bodies have a variety of ways of holding old trauma. Horses, as masters of non-verbal communication and the fine-tuned awareness of a prey species, are adept at reading us and helping us find those places where trauma is stuck. In this weekend, we will work with the horses in the morning, exploring the energetic and physical parts of our bodies, and in the afternoons, we will address the issues we found with craniosacral work. This is a class for people with at least an intro level class in cranio, as we will be working on each other. No horse experience necessary.

Presence and Connection through Horses and Cranio


In this fast-paced world, we are all looking for ways to stay grounded and centered.  This class offers tools in a fun and interesting way to help kids navigate a society full of distractions. They will work with horses mostly on the ground to learn how to speak “the language of horse”, which is a non-verbal, body centered type of awareness. Kids will get a chance to feel how subtly and effectively horses communicate and connect, which often has a magical feel to it. Additionally, they will be able to apply that more subtle level of perception to learning the basics of craniosacral therapy and treating each other. This class will be fascinating, exciting, grounding, and the participants should come away with real tools they can use in their lives. No horse experience is necessary.

Cranio and Art Classes
Cranio and Creative Facilitation



The brain is as much in the hand as in the head.



A creative practice can be highly beneficial for the client in order to process the emotional releases and recognitions that can come up with craniosacral therapy. The same can be said for the practitioner, who can benefit not only from the self-care that a creative practice offers, but also to facilitate growth and self-development in themselves as they continue to practice.  This class offers instruction in developing therapeutic creative practice for the therapist as well as techniques that are applicable for client interaction.


The title of this class includes the words “creative facilitation”.  The word, creative, can refer not only the act of creation (in this case, making art) but also to different approaches to accessing your client’s no-mind spaces.  We will be learning ways to get out of your rut, both in terms of therapeutic practices and also in terms of your artistic practice, whether it is new to you or you are an old hand.


You will use a variety of drawing and painting exercises and methods to access and express emotional and energy states; practice and use shamanic reasoning to access subconscious and unconscious problem-solving techniques; and will apply a variety of techniques of creative facilitation in partnered exercises and develop your own approach to this practice.


For CS Therapists:  Offers methods for practitioners to bring to their practices. 


For Everybody:  Recieve CranioSacral from a Peirsman CranioSacral graduate.

A hybrid program of Cranio Sacral Therapy and Art, taught by Ellen Santistevan and David Blecha. We offer two classes, one for CS Therapists and one for Everybody. Please see New Mexico for upcoming classes.    

Ellen Santistevan is a Cranio Sacral and intuitive bodywork therapist who draws on traditional medicine practices to guide her clients and students on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing pathways. David Blecha is an art teacher who strongly believes in the power of “making marks on paper” to open a person, not only to their inner energetic being, but also to the power and beauty of the natural world, as well as facilitating a spiritual connection. Together they believe in the power of art and bodywork as a spiritual path.


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