“I cannot say enough about this man and the MINDBLOWING Craniosacral training I have received under his guidance. It has launched me into a whole new level of understanding the body and all the magic and power we have within. Etienne is a true master and is back in Santa Fe teaching to even smaller classes in his home. What a gift to have this world traveler here in New Mexico teaching this life changing bodywork!"

Holly Chapman, LMT

As with talking to the heart, I received MORE amazing healing through your last class. Just one of many things that happened…my heart rate has always gone up to 155 to 165 while doing any kind of cardiovascular exercise. Now it ranges 100 to 125 during the same cardiovascular demand. During your class my heart showed my that all the vessels around my heart needed to be repaired and widened, it did that work and now I see the evidence! Amazing work, thank you:D

Love, Laureen


 "The Systemic Family Constellation class with Tina exceeded my expectations entirely. I found this healing work to be profound and powerful, and Tinato be an extremely competent, professional, and kind teacher and practitioner. I highly recommend this program for anyone ready for powerful healing experiences; diving deep is essential. I have benefited in several ways from participating in this work and am grateful for the opportunity."

Ras Rossetti, Artist

"This course offered an appraoch to processing relationship dynamics and content such that clarity, simplicity, and release of emotion was possible safely and transformatively. This avenue towrds centerdness eases emotional, neurological, and physiological stress and is an incredibly valuable healing mechanism.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their relationship to self and others, their vitality, or who work in service of others health and wellbeing. I think teachers in general might beneift from this training in adminstrative and experential capacities."

Eva Rose McCaslin

Holly Chapman, LMT

"Mind blowing work! This is an amazing instructor and has such an intuitive way of guiding the class and bringing every student into his/her most intuitive/feeling self. The course content is above and beyond, life changing and applicable to all areas of life.  Tina is a great facilitator who keeps the container tight while still always being aware of everyone's process and allowing for change. Tina is excellent in her intuitive skills required for all healing to occur. Her perosnality is entertaining, sweet and engaging. Wow!"