Sleep is that golden chair that ties health and our bodies together.

-Thomas Dekker



Stay on the grounds and walk to class. All accommodations are secluded and private. There is an outdoor outhouse for convenience. Living/dining room/kitchen and showers are shared in the main house. Access to yoga room.  

Contact us to reserve your space,, 505-503-5137.


Lotus Belle I

Featuring a queen bed and spacious deck for stargazing. Summer only. Student rate: $40/single, $50/double.


Lotus Belle II

Features a twin bed and futon (double). Summer only. Student rate: $40/single, $50/double


Sleeping Porch

Essentially, a suspended queen bed (with mosquito net and roller shades for extra protection/privacy). Summer only. Student rate: $30/single, $40/double


Gardener’s Cottage

Featuring a double bed and large yoga deck. Year-Round. Student rate: $30/single,$40/double

Coming soon...

Winter 2020 AccomModations